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Sandra: Hi everybody. Today I’ve got Rosie Pope joining us. Today Rosie comes with us with a wealth of experience in project marketing in real estate. Today Rosie’s going to share with us her top three tips on selling in today’s market, so I hope you enjoy.
So Rosie, welcome to my beautiful home today, and sharing with us. Let’s get straight into it. Firstly, explain what you do and where you’re working currently.

Rosie: Sandra, I actually work in project marketing. I’m currently working at the Banyan Tree Residences in Brisbane, which is the first one for Australia, which is extremely exciting.

Sandra: Oh, beautiful. I’ve been there, it’s a absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous development, by the way.

Rosie: It’s beautiful.

Sandra: You’ve been in the industry for how long?

Rosie: About 25 years, I’ve been in the industry.

Sandra: Wow.

Rosie: Been from house and land, through general estate, to project marketing, I’ve really gone … and the over-50 sector, as well.

Sandra: Great. So you come with us today to share it from a lot of experience, and a lot of background, a lot of credibility. Rosie’s worked with the likes of Mirvac, and some big names out there. And you’ve been through some tough markets. In 25 years, you’ve seen some ups, you’ve seen some down, you’ve seen the cycles of real estate, that’s for sure. Haven’t you?

Rosie: I sure have, yeah. Every day is an experience, and every day is going to be wonderful for a different reason.

Sandra: So do you believe in today’s market, Rosie, that we are actually entering into a bit of a tough market?

Rosie: I think we ware, but it’s our mindset to how we handle that market. I think if we take on the mindset that is going to be tough, it’ll be tough. But if we take on the right attitude that it’s there for a challenge and you make it exciting with every day that you’re going to be around, that’s what matters.

Sandra: Yeah. Perfect, perfect advice and that’s what I’m all about is mindset, so I think anything in life, you tackle it with the right mindset and you can completely change your attitude towards it, so really good advice, Rosie.
So, can you share with us today some of the tips that you and I know from experience with knowing your clients? And having worked with you in middle state myself, clients absolutely love Rosie for her heartfelt, custom excentric service that she gives.
It’s outstanding and there’s no one else like it, as far as I’m concerned. So, Rosie, can you share with the audience today some of your tips that you like to share with people of how you are successful with looking after your customers?

Rosie: I’d love to, thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Sandra: You’re welcome.

Rosie: It’s just very special. I think the most important thing to start the journey with a customer is to have that happy feeling from within and the sincerity and the right heart space from within, that when you actually meet that customer, that journey starts with that connection that will last all the way through that time that you’re going to be with that customer.
So when you look at that customer from that initial greeting, always look them in the eye, shake the hand, if that’s suitable, give them that lovely, big smile and do it so that it’s coming from within here and not from blinks of the eyes with dollar signs.
If a real estate agent is looking at a customer and thinking, “I’m going to make commission on this sale,” it will never happen, and a customer will always pick that up. So it’s vital that you forget all of that and look at the journey and the experience that you’re going to give that customer throughout the time that you’re engaged with them.

Sandra: Beautiful. So would you say, Rosie, it’s almost like seeing every customer that walks in your door like they’re your best friend or they’re your family.

Rosie: They are. They become that. How many times … and you’ve had experiences with me where so many of my beautiful customers become really dear friends, and they are like family to us.

Sandra: Beautiful. Anything else?

Rosie: Yes. I’d like to say that it’s important that you know your product. Whether it is in general real estate or whether it’s in a project, you need to know everything about a listing or whatever product you have, so that if you’re asking all the right questions, and if they’re the right, open-ended questions, you can then … you’ve got a story to work with. You can then start guiding the customer to what’s right for them. Not what’s right for you, what’s right to what their needs are when they come to you.

Sandra: Mm. Beautiful advice. Very good. And anything else? We’ve got three. One more?

Rosie: We’ve got three. One more is be patient. Don’t try and rush that experience with a customer. Don’t think of your emails or your phones or anything else that you’re doing. Remember to totally live the moment with the customer that you’re with. Don’t have your eyes wandering everywhere else. Connect directly with that customer, stay with them all the way, give them the time that they deserve, and let them then go and make their decisions.
And then, keep nurturing them through, looking after them, giving them that experience of fun, make it happy, make it joyful, give them that journey that they’re going to love and remember, even after they’ve bought with you, you’re sitting down with them afterwards, they’re tell you a story about the experience that they’ve had with you.

Sandra: Beautiful, beautiful. Great advice. So, what I’ve taken from that, Rosie, is the first one is connect with them, as soon as they come in the door, like they’re family and they’re your best friend. How you would treat family or your best friend, connect with them in that way from a heart centre. Secondly, is know your product. Know your product inside out.
And thirdly, stay in the moment. Don’t worry about what’s going to happen afterwards, what the emails and all the process after, just stay in the moment with your customer. And then nurture them after that. Have that nurture process all planned out, so that you can keep in touch, and that’s how you establish long-term, professional relationships. Would you say that was a good summation, summarising? Beautiful.

Rosie: Perfect. Thank you.

Sandra: Anything else you want to add, Rosie, for the audience? Any one … Actually, what I’d like to ask you, is there one piece of advice that you’d like to tell the audience that you do every day that contributes to your success as a real estate agent?

Rosie: Meditation. Start my day with meditation. It doesn’t cost anything. It costs you time, but how you begin your day, it just makes your day happier. It keeps you calmer, it keeps you enjoying the smaller things in life, as well as the bigger things.

Sandra: And how long would you meditate for, Rosie?

Rosie: I think anyone can even do five to 10 minutes to start with. It doesn’t have to be long. It just gets you in the right head space. It brings you down to your core. It brings you down to how the day should be.

Sandra: Yeah, totally. Totally thumbs up on that one. That’s something how I start my day everyday and it so important to start your day how you mean to finish, because the way you start your day, as soon as your feet land on the floor, is how your day is going to pan out, and then whatever challenge comes across you on that day, you’re able to handle it, aren’t you, Rosie?

Rosie: You are.

Sandra: Because you’ve started that way.

Rosie: Exactly. And then you come to the end of the day, you reflect back on the day, you look at that day with gratitude, and you just thank it for what’s it’s been and then you go again. And you find that you’ll always have just gorgeous little moments that are popping up that you go, “Wow. That happened. That was really special. How cool was that? It was good.”

Sandra: There. Thanks very much, Rosie, for coming… I really enjoyed having you in my home. Thank you very much.

Rosie: I love seeing you.

Sandra: Thank you, gorgeous.

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