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Sandra: Hi, everybody. Today I’ve invited Monique Peters into my home, and Monique is from the Beauty Bench. Now, today Monique is going to share with us some little tips on using essential oils from on stress management and helping us sleep at night. So, I guess in today’s world with the pressure that are put on us in regards to our personal and professional lives, there seems to be a very common of being that we live with, and that’s stress. So, Doterra is a very famous essential oil company that Monique is going to show us today which oils will help us manage our stress and give us a good night’s sleep. So, hope you enjoy.
So, Monique, welcome to my lovely home.

Monique: Hey.

Sandra: So, tell us Monique how can using Doterra oils help us with stress relief?

Monique: Yeah. Absolutely. So, the research is super advanced when it comes to using essential oils to help decrease our stress levels. So, they can actually help to lower our blood pressure, which is a side effect of stress, and also help to decrease our cortisol levels which is super important.

Sandra: Great, okay. So is there any particular oils that you could recommend that we use?

Monique: Yeah. Definitely, and I’m getting to that in just a second. First of all, I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about how we can use the oils.
Sandra: Yeah sure. Yeah.

Monique: No, that’s okay. The first way that you can use the essential oils is topically, and the second and most popular way is aromatically. So, what happens when you use essential oils aromatically is generally through a diffuser or simply just cracking open the bottle of essential oil and inhaling. It’s beautiful. So, once the aromatic compounds are diffused into the air, they interact with your olfactory nerves and limbic system, which is the oldest part of the brain. So, it can really help to control your emotions. So, it can help with anything from mood management, stress, sleep, you know severe depression even, even just to get you pepped up at the start of the day, and it’s amazing, amazing for moms to get them through witching hour, that five o’clock kind of feeling.

Sandra: That’s a good one for all the mums out there.

Monique: Yeah. So popping some lavender into the diffuser whilst transitioning into that kind of sleep period is fantastic, and I’ve had lots of testimonials.

Sandra: So, now to the good part.

Monique: Oh, sorry.

Sandra: What are the oils?

Monique: My four top oils would probably have to be frankincense, which is oh my gosh. Frankincense has been around since biblical days. So, it was the first ever prescribed medication. So, frankincense, lavender, and balance. So all of these oils can really help to quieting the mind, and can really help to decrease your blood pressure and just kind of make you feeling nice and zen after a long day at work. There is scientific research as well that essential oils can really help with all of these things. So, they’re very, very popular, and over five million people worldwide actually use Doterra.

Sandra: You know we can talk about scientific research, but I can say from my own experience that I work with essential oils and I have the Doterra oils that I use at home, and they certainly do help me. I always use the lavender oil in my diffuser up in the bedroom, and it just helps me have a really good night’s sleep. So, how would you recommend using these essential oils in our everyday self regime?

Monique: Definitely great question. So, I personally have four ways that I use the oils. So, the first thing I do in the morning, I drop some in the diffuser just to get me going, I also recommend people if you work in an office to have it at your desk, and then using it at the end of the night as well in the bedroom. So, diffusing is the number one step.

Sandra: So, just explain topically. may not know what topical means.

Monique: Yeah. Definitely. So, we know that our skin is our largest organ, and what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, and that’s 60-90% of the ingredients. So, it’s really important to be aware of the products that you are putting on your skin. So, when using essential oils, I actually pull up my aromatic dressings. So I put a few drops in some body oil and moisturiser at the beginning of the day, and that acts as a natural perfume whilst getting therapeutic benefits, as well topically you can use it if you’ve got a headache. A drop of lavender and peppermint on the back of your neck. There’s so many different ways we can use them topically.

Sandra: I have heard, and I believe that some men use frankincense as a fragrance.

Monique: They do. Frankincense and Balance.

Sandra: I have a very good friend, Nathan, actually that uses frankincense as a fragrance, which I love frankincense always have.

Monique: Yeah.

Sandra: Back in my hippie days in north Queensland used to use frankincense oil. Takes me a back a bit.

Monique: Beautiful.

Sandra: Is there anything else that you can share with us Monique about the oils, and how we can use them for maybe other things?

Monique: Definitely. Even just adding a few drops to your bath at the end of the night is a really nice way, and also having a rollable. So, Doterra also sell touch rollables that are already pre-diluted in some coconut oil so that you can just kind of pop them on your skin throughout the say. So, I sort of call them my secret weapon. If I am feeling really anxious or stressed while I am out and about, and I can’t whip my diffuser out, I’ve got my little rollable there just to get me through, but there’s so much information out there. I mean so many people worldwide use them. I do recommend using Doterra, because they are such a high therapeutic grade. So, they’re a step above organic in the way that they source the oils from countries all around the world.
They do something Co-impact sourcing which is beautiful. You can do a little research on that as well, but trust me when I say if you can just get one essential oil into your life you’ll definitely start to feel the benefits.

Sandra: I’ve used, and it’s to your response there, Monique. I’ve used essential oils, a lot of different varieties and brands, and I have to say I actually agree with you that the Doterra brand is the most purest, and you can smell the difference. With some of the others on the market you can smell synthetic.

Monique: Yeah.

Sandra: Whereas the Doterra is purely, you can smell the purity of them. So, I highly recommend using them. So, that’s fantastic. I hope you guys got a lot out of this today in helping you Doterra oils or any essential oils is a help, but I highly recommend Doterra oils to help you in your everyday life to relieve stress and have a good night sleep. Thank you so much.

Monique: That’s okay.

Sandra: Thank you for coming.

Monique: Loved it.

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