Hannah Richards:           Hi. My name’s Hannah Richards. I’m from McGrath Estate Agents at Bulimba. The first time I met Sandra, again, was at Harveys on James Street. We met up for a coffee. I remember feeling quite lost and depressed within my career. I was doubting myself, a lot of self-doubt. Had I made the right decision to leave my 15-year career previously in another life behind? Was I going to be successful? Could I make it in this difficult game of real estate and had I made the right decision?

So I was at the turning point of either quitting or giving something a red hot go. What made me choose about having a mentor or looking for guidance within my career, I’d heard a lot on podcasts and within the industry that, “You’ve got to get a coach, you’ve got to get a mentor,” but hadn’t really found someone I connected with. And not only through a business point of view but through a spiritual and mindset point of view. I was starting to notice I was having great days when I felt good, and really horrible days when I felt bad, and I wasn’t able to keep myself afloat on this roller-coaster of real estate.

When Sandra approached me it was more about the whole mentoring programme that she put together, looking at all aspects of my life, all facets, and making sure they’re all working together in cohesion. That, to me, was the real draw card. Yeah. So my best advice for someone considering a mentoring-ship programme with Sandra Larkin would be not to delay, to call her immediately. I wish I would have done this six months ago at the start of the year, I would have been in a far better financial, personal, professional level.

So it really is something that you need to apply to your business, and don’t delay, she’s absolutely brilliant. We’re starting another group mentoring programme with Sandra. I got to the end of my 90 days and freaked out as to what was coming next, so 6th of October it kicks off. It’s going to be a group session over the 90-day period, working on lack of consistency yet again.


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Sandra Larkin has worked in the service and sales sector of business for the past 38 years. Her experience spans across a broad spectrum of skill sets from providing excellent customer service, achieving high volume sales, organising professional development programs, establishing professional networks, building long-term relationships and securing high-level sponsorships.   Her tools and resources help give clients a practical strategy by following steps to discover their true potential and capability to achieve success.

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