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Sandra Larkin: Hi, everybody. Sandra from sandralarkin.com.au. Today, we have Josh Cobb from Stepps with us today. Thanks, Josh for …

Josh Cobb: My pleasure. Any time.

Sandra Larkin: … coming along and joining me today. Josh, tell us a little bit about what you do.

Josh Cobb: I am very privileged that we get to work with real estate agents all around the world helping them do better marketing, specifically when it comes to the internet. We help them strategize how to win attention with the people who they want to engage as clients. Usually, that’s homeowners and investors and we’re very privileged that some of those agents are some of the top earners in this country specifically, so we’re very lucky to do that.

Sandra Larkin: I’d love to know from your point of view what challenges have you had recently that possibly nobody knows about that you’ve had to get through? It can be personally or it can be professionally.

Josh Cobb: Recently, so we’re two and a half years into the business now when we launched in October 2014 and lately, a lot of travel. I think last year, I was on close to 150 flights or something, so that hasn’t really slowed down so lots of travel and I’ve also got an 18-month-old son as you know, so that balancing the travel and wanting to spend time. He’s now at an age where he processes things a lot more and as people with children would know that at that … when they come running up to you when you walk in the door is probably the best feeling you’ll ever have. Coming home is really nice. Going away is getting a lot harder. That’s probably talking recent challenges, is spending time away from my little boy and my wife.

Sandra Larkin: From the male’s perspective, how do you overcome that and how do you balance being a father and running a business and flying all the time?

Josh Cobb: I am super lucky that I have a wife that doesn’t make me feel bad about how much I work. I think, and look, she’s the calming influence on me so she’s an intensive care nurse, so when you look at the trusted professions in any industry, the nurses are right at the top, I think, of [inaudible 00:02:43]. I feel like I have, so first of all, she doesn’t make me feel bad about how much I work and that is … that helps make my job a lot easier in what I do knowing that we’ve got each other’s back. Second to that, I’m pretty lucky we’ve got a really close family group and we’re all pretty close geographically, not just spiritually but, so they’re pretty close. When we do need a little bit of help, whether it’s if I’m travelling and tied and my wife is working, we have a pretty close family group that we’re very fortunate that … and very lucky that we’ve got some help to look after a little guy.

Sandra Larkin: It’s fantastic. What is success to you, and to everybody, it’s very different, how do you define success and what is it to you?

Josh Cobb: Gosh, I think that’s … It’s hard to define, I think, for each person. I like to think of it as freedom and freedom to make personal choices and professional choices. I think on the professional side first, I think it’s the freedom to enjoy the work that you do and not feel pressured and all the stresses that come with working for someone you don’t like, doing a job you don’t like, that’s not freedom. I think success in a professional sense is feeling like the work that you’re doing is something you enjoy, first and foremost.
Secondly, I think the freedom, on the personal side, the freedom to make the decisions for your family of when you travel, where do you travel to, the holidays you takes, the people that you associate with. I think success is freedom financially, professionally and personally. I think they’re three separate things and I think it’s which one do you put more weight into will define, I guess, who you are as a person, I feel. I think freedom is also the, or success is also surrounding yourself with people that you want to. When you talk about life by design, working with people you don’t like is draining. I think the freedom to make those choices as well is pretty powerful.
Sandra Larkin: What habits and behaviours do you do consistently every day to contribute to your success, if there is any?
Josh Cobb: Sure. Look, professionally, learning, constant learning. Now, I am addicted to information and learning, so on a professional note, I listen to at least two to three podcasts a day whether that’s in the office very early in the morning or if it’s out on a run or mowing the lawn. I’m constantly feeding that into my earbuds through information and content and constant learning and just, I passionately enjoy that.

Sandra Larkin: If you had the opportunity to spend one hour or one day with a famous person or a very influential person, who would that be?

Josh Cobb: I had to think really hard about this question because I knew you’re going to ask me this. All I could come up with is right now at my point in where I am professionally and personally, is a gentleman by the name of Michael Gerber who’s an author. Many will have read the book, The E-Myth. Michael just has this fascinating way of simplifying really complex challenges in business and in life. I think that’s another thing that I’m really passionate about, is reading and his book, The E-Myth, is more relevant to me now than when I started the company two and a half years ago.
Sandra Larkin: Talking about balance with your family life and your work life, what is it that Josh Cobb does every day for himself? I really believe we need to do something for ourselves to go out into the day and be everything for everybody else.

Josh Cobb: If I had to be completely honest and transparent, it’s probably something I’m not doing enough of, which is knowing when to turn off. I love what I do professionally and I love what I do personally but I think I’m at a point now where it’s very hard sometimes to switch off and just turn everything off. I do. When I’m not travelling and I’m not in the office, I’m probably working at home a little bit as well and so being able to detach your … I need to do more of that so from a personal level, something that I do every day is make sure as much as I can right now, where I’m at right now, is to spend as much time with Leo, our little guy.

Sandra Larkin: Beautiful.

Josh Cobb: That gets me motivated as to the reason why I’m about to go and turn that computer on or make that phone call or have that meeting, is for me right now, that’s … he’s my motivation to do. I think spending time with him first thing in the morning gets me pretty pumped up.

Sandra Larkin: I think family is definitely something that keeps you going and keeps you motivated to do what you do every day.

Josh Cobb: Yeah. A lot of people talk about knowing your why and it gets … I think that phrase gets talked about ad nauseam sometimes. If you haven’t figured it out now, it’s time to get cracking on … Since he was born, he’s been the number one reason why I do what I doing professionally and personally. On the personal side, to be able to finish an 11-hour triathlon and run over the finish line and see him there, he’s the reason … that keeps me motivated. On the professional side, doing really great work and being rewarded for that with our business, again, it comes back to that as well.

Sandra Larkin: Yeah, and I think too, if you haven’t got time as a parent to meditate or do some exercise, spending time with your children is actually a great way of keeping yourself totally present. If you were to give … If I could ask you to give one bit of advice or tip to the audience watching this right now, what would that be?

Josh Cobb: If anything I’ve learned in the last probably three years, I have probably had the three most rewarding years of my life professionally and personally, starting a business, having that freedom to choose who I work with, where I travel, where I work and on the other side, having our son, if it’s anything I’ve learned, is that you’re the average of the five people you spend your most time with. I have deliberately and systematically chosen to align myself with some pretty amazing people, you being one of those.

Sandra Larkin: Thank you.

Josh Cobb: I think if you surround yourself with good people, good stuff happens and it’s very difficult to have fun and smile when you’re around some people that just want to drain you so I’ve made a conscious decision and that’s not only personally but professionally, there’s a lot of people who we could have worked with and some pretty notable names in our industry who we’ve … we’re just not a good fit. We’re just not aligned philosophically or on a spiritual level. It’s not that they work in a place. It was just that we just weren’t a good fit. I think you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Sandra Larkin: Thank you very much, Josh.

Josh Cobb: My pleasure.

Sandra Larkin: It was really lovely, really great to have you on.

Josh Cobb: Anytime.

Sandra Larkin

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