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Sandra: So, Sherrie, the first question I have for you is what’s been your biggest challenge recently either professionally or personally that actually nobody knows about?

Sherrie: Honestly, I had a hip operation late last year-

Sandra: That’s a big one.

Sherrie: Yeah, it was, actually. I didn’t have a hip replacement, but I just didn’t realise how my body is changing as I’m getting older, and I think it was the realisation of that, and I think it was also the recover. For me now, it’s been literally six months and I’m still not into doing all my exercise the way that I normally would. That means that my morning routine, which is a part of what makes me so happy, isn’t there. I’ve had to almost form out a new routine. I’m not wearing high heels all day, every day, which to women that’s very important. We love our high heels.

Sandra: I don’t think I could cope with that.

Sherrie: I’ve saved some money on shoes.

Sandra: How have you had to overcome that? Mentally that’s been a strain for you, physically it’s been a strain, and obviously it’s affected your income and your lifestyle. So, how have you been able to overcome that?

Sherrie: I think it’s just really accepting the situation. Really in life I haven’t had many situations that I haven’t been able to talk myself out of, but it’s my body that’s let me down. I remember saying to my surgeon, “How long? Like these footy players you get them out in the field really quickly. Stitch me back up, get me back out there.” He said, “Look, with your particular injury we usually sit them out for a season or two.” I was like, “Okay, if he’s like that for footy players, I actually need to listen.” So, I’ve just made sure that I’ve got the best of the best in terms of physio, I had the best surgeon, and I’ve just listened to everything that they’ve told me to do. But, I’ve just had to try and just grow some patience and just live in that particular moment, and just get through it.
In three months time I might be in a completely different place. I’m looking forward to the end of September 30, where I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go back to yoga, and I think that that’ll be a big one for me.

Sandra: So, what I get out of that is that acceptance, we’re always going to have challenges. Accept I and have the patience to just get through it and it does end eventually.

Sherrie: Yes, hopefully.

Sandra: The next question is an interesting one, which everybody has a different answer to. What is success to you and how do you define success?

Sherrie: Interesting question. It’s something that I think is really meaningful to each individual person, and it’s a moving entity in terms of your life and your experiences. For me, what success means is making the most out of your life, and getting the most out of your life and giving back the most. When I look back now, in my twenties what I meant to me was making a lot of money. It was all ego, it was all about myself. Whereas now, I’m at a much different stage in my life, and I actually want to give back. So for me success in making money is a byproduct in terms of actually helping people achieve what they want out of life. Obviously having some recognition is nice but it’s not the most important thing to me anymore.

Sandra: Love it. Beautiful.

Sherrie: Happiness, love, life, those things are absolutely vital to me.

Sandra: So, Sherrie, what’s one habit of behaviour that you do every day that contributes to your success both personally or professionally?

Sherrie: I think in life as a whole sometimes we’ve got to do things that we don’t want to do. In my job I’m having difficult conversations all day, every day, and that’s what really makes me a great agent. I’m prepared to really sit there and tell them how it is, as opposed to what they want to hear. So, I think having those difficult phone calls, and having the integrity to be hones with them in that situation, is the most important.

Sandra: If you had the opportunity to spend one hour with someone famous or influential, who would it be?

Sherrie: For me, I draw a lot of influence from the people around me, people like yourself. But, I think if we looked at somebody that perhaps inspired me, I would say Oprah Winfrey. I think for me what she represents is overcoming adversity, and really just giving back to society, which is obviously something that’s very important to me.
Sandra: What are your core values? I love this question because it really challenges people. When I’m mentoring people I always find people go, “I don’t know, actually.” Not a lot of people know what they’re core values are. So, what are your core values, Sherrie?

Sherrie: I think love and happiness, those two are very, very important. Making the most of my life, contributing back to society, so giving back. Being honest, and authentic, and also just having discipline to be mentally fit. If I’m at work, I’m in that moment and I need to be mentally fit to do so.

Sandra: So, Sherrie, what’s one bit of advice that you could give the audience that’s watching this video right now?

Sherrie: I would say just have a look at how you want to be perceived and how you want others to think of you. For me, I want people to appreciate that I’m a thoughtful person, so one of those habits that I do every day is I write a lot of personal notes. For those five minutes where I’m actually writing a note to them, I’m thinking about them. In today’s world, where it’s all electronic, it’s really nice to receive something in the mail that’s not a bill. In addition to that, you know if you’ve done something really special-

Sandra: I’ve got one of your letters.

Sherrie: But, I think also if you’ve done something really nice, or you’ve just had a beautiful moment with somebody, send them a quick video. It’s a quick text in and out, you know? Ten second and it’s done, but it’s just letting them know that they’ve made an impact in your life. If somebody’s done something quite remarkable recently, whether it be getting married, being recognised in the papers, or something like that, send it to them. Let them know that you’ve seen those things.

Sandra: Yeah. Beautiful. Good advice. Thank you so much, Sherrie. really appreciate your time.

Sherrie: Thank you, Sandra.

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