Is your Choice to Change for you or someone else?

Some of us are thrown into the change process not by our own choice but through either being fired at work, given a redundancy, a relationship break-up, a health diagnosis or because someone told you to.

Sometimes there is never a next time to get the opportunity to fix these incidents. It’s either too late or too hard to fix. Some of us on the other hand get the opportunity to fix these before it’s too late.  We decide to make a choice to change because we’re fed up with where we’re at and the effects our state of being, mindset and behaviour is having on ourselves and the people around us, especially our loved ones.

Would you like to make a change in your life but need help doing it?

2 important factors to consider when thinking of changing a behaviour:

  1. Do you want to change for you or someone else?
  2. Do you want it bad enough?

In my Stage of Change Ladder in my previous Blogs, remember the bottom of the ladder is when we become depressed or melancholy and we just don’t know what’s wrong with us and why. 

We move to procrastination where we know there is something wrong but we just don’t know what we need to do to fix it…

Knowing ourselves first and all the bullshit that comes with us and why we do the things we do can unpack the truth of who we are. It helps uncover what we really want in our life and why the hell we do what we do even though we don’t like doing it or being that way! This is what I call Awareness stage and it’s like when all the lights come on at once. Commonly known as a ‘light bulb’ moment or an ‘Aha’ moment.  At this stage we can start to Acknowledge and Accept our behaviour and move forward on making a decision to make positive changes in our lives.

We begin to research how to apply these changes and who can help us. Our energy level increases because we a glimmer of light and hope at the end of the tunnel.

Engaging a mentor or coach to help get us to the levels of applying Action and feeling Empowered when we begin to overcome the old behaviour. However, to get us to stay at this level to get to a ‘non-negotiable’ Successful we need accountability. Someone to keep you on track and answer to. 

It’s a bit like engaging a personal trainer to build muscles and definition in our body.

Having a mentor is the PT for your lifestyle and keeps you  consistent and focused on the end destination. When we’ve mastered this discipline we’re there! Successful all of the time, winning and feeling of fulfilment and purpose.

‘Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change’ Jim Rohn

If you would like to chat about mentoring to change some of your habits and behaviours to create better clarity around making decisions or increase relationships in your life, book a non-obligation phone chat.

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