When culture defeats strategy, then you’re talking!


So what drives culture? 

Many things drive culture in a business and collaboration is one. If you’ve nailed the systems and processes and still can’t get the team working together, perhaps you need to look a little deeper at what is really going on in your business.

Emotional intelligence is another. Statistics show in today’s businesses the emotional intelligence levels are decreasing where it should be increasing to keep teams engaged and increase work culture.

Emotions drive people and people drive performance.  You need to have reasonable EQ in a business to gain successful collaboration and performance. So, how do we increase this to obtain better engagement?

Bonding within a team contributes to one of these reasons. If there is no bond within the team they will not work collaboratively. 

Implementing a thorough induction process for new staff and scheduling interactive bonding events with existing staff members can help new staff create new friendships and feel settled in their new environment. Examples of these could be a breakfast, lunch or join a charity walk together.

There will always be a mix-match of personalities, it would be dreadfully boring to have all the same personality types in the same workplace. It is however, imperative to have teams learn about each other, how each other deals with situations differently and this encourages understanding and drives collaboration. 

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A lack of settling new staff and a continued bonding process places stress on individuals because they don’t feel they belong.  For some individuals stress levels can start at home at a personal level, then having added stress at work adds to their burden and this will not cultivate collaborative mindsets.

Once these processes have been implemented the next step can be to provide stress management coaching in the work environment that can help them deal with their own personal stress levels.

I’m of the opinion more employers need to move an allocated budget from recruiting staff to retaining them with Health and Well Being in the workplace. This is far more beneficial and effective in increasing productivity and collaboration within teams.

I recently had a conversation with a highly renowned Principal of a real estate agency that stated she allocates a budget towards helping her staff get healthy in all aspects of their lives instead of sending them to conferences as this has had a profound effect on their productivity levels and her business. This is emotional intelligence at it’s peak when business owners understand the emotional needs of their staff and deliver on it. You need to care more about the people in your business than you do about your business for it to thrive in this market place where staff retention is becoming more difficult. 

Corporate companies are implementing meditation and yoga in the workplace to help reduce stress and foster a better working environment. Becoming more aware and intuitive to your staff’s personal state of mind and needs is a good place to start when creating collaborative mindsets that work together and a healthier culture within your organisation.

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‘When you’re not clear about who you are and what you want to achieve in your life, it can be all too easy to burn out’ ‘when you are burnt out your decision-making capabilities decrease, your problem-solving ability diminishes and your productivity suffers greatly even though you don’t realise it’ Ariana Huffington,  Huffington Post and Author of Thrive

Based on Ariana’s statement wouldn’t it make better sense to work on the core area of your business – your people? Then your staff show up with the right attitude and a healthy mindset? This wins hands down over training them in a process they possibly already know how to do. 

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