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Increasing Your Productivity Levels – Make More Money

  • Do your team have KPI’s or targets they’re not achieving?
  • Do they have personal issues affecting their work performance?
  • Do you have the time or skill set to help them?

Have you ever thought for a moment that your staff maybe lacking focus and discipline because they have personal stuff going on?
This personal stuff can affect work colleagues relationships working together which then affects your business and performance.

I know as a business owner we all allocate budget to training and upgrading skills, however, have you ever considered they need personal mentoring that will help them overcome some of these personal issues and this directly affects their performance at work.

Many organisations are seeing and prospering from the benefits of investing in their staff’s personal development. Why? Because this helps them become more stable, happier, focused, healthier and helps them let go of the baggage going on personally that holds them back from achieving their own expectations and goals at work.

This investment also changes the work culture and loyalty within a team. Staff love employers that care about them personally.
It fosters an environment of caring and nurturing which adopts a family relationship with your staff.

Many of my business owners are seeing great results from their team with my personal development and they are showing up at work in a much better head space.
You don’t have the skill set to deliver on these so let an external consultant do this for your business.

The benefits of investing in personal development for your staff:

  • Better work environment and culture
  • Higher performance from feeling nurtured and belonged
  • Healthier mindset from letting go of stories holding them back
  • More stamina from healthier choices they make
  • Better staff cohesion and understanding for each other’s differences
  • Increased Emotional Intelligence within the workplace
  • Increased staff loyalty and high retention rate

Getting things done in time frames whether it be at work or home is essential to feeling achievement, contentment and living a life with purpose. The first place to start creating the energy and focus to complete higher productivity levels is better choices around habits and behaviours at home.

3 areas to focus on;  I call them the 3 Healing Points:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional

5 things staff need to look at if they are to be more productive:

  1. Going to bed late and sleeping in
  2. Drinking alcohol every day
  3. Smoking cigarettes or taking recreational drugs
  4. A negative mindset and gossiping in the office
  5. Eating a bad diet

Our bodies are like vehicles, we need to tune it up occasionally and put good quality petrol in the tank. If we owned a Lamborghini would we trash it and expect it to run smoothly like we’d expect? I don’t think so, so why is it we expect this from our bodies and yet we are worth much more than a Lamborghini. We only get one chance in life and what we do to it in our younger years will reflect how we live in our later years. It’s not too late to make changes to our lifestyle no matter what we’ve done in previous years. The body is an incredible piece of work in regenerating itself back to healing.

5 things needed to be more productive:

  1. Connection
  2. Routine
  3. Clarity
  4. Emotional Stability
  5. Stamina

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