Do we ever let go?


Today I realized that whilst I do all the right things like, eat good healthy food, do regular exercise- yoga, pilates, limit my alcohol intake, choose what I watch, read and listen to and pick who I socialize with I still have issues to deal with.

We can get so caught up in doing all the right things but still don’t let go of stuff from our past. Yes, that’s right, you heard me, I’m talking about stuff that happened years ago when we were teenagers or even children that we have held on to and parked at the back of our conscious, believing if I don’t think about it, it won’t affect me and will go away. Well I’m afraid we’re wrong!

In a recent visit to an amazing practitioner after having several months of issues with my right shoulder he diagnosed me as having nerve traps all over my body and was hanging on to trauma from the past. Our bodies have a cellular memory of everything we do today and yesterday and doesn’t let go.

Whilst we think we do in our heads, our bodies don’t. These nerve traps sit there for years and affect our organs, nervous system and digestion which all contributes to our overall health.

What I learnt is, that despite all the money I spend on healthy practices and body maintenance rituals, we don’t spend the time letting go of the traps in our bodies and this cost us nothing.

Taking the time to sit and become aware of what is holding us back from optimal health in body, mind and spirit and then making a decision to deal with it can be daunting but very rewarding.

‘Unlearn Fear and Relearn Love’ Sandra Larkin

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