‘That Ah Ha Moment’


In my previous Blog I shared the characteristics of procrastination. The behaviour of going back and forth not making any real choices or decisions we know we need to make. When we finally realise the affect this behaviour has on our health, relationships or our job we have a ‘light bulb’ moment. I call this an ‘Ah Ha’ moment and here we move to the awareness stage.

We can feel quite vulnerable at this stage. We had no idea what being ‘us’ is doing to ourselves or others! We think we’re perfect, never wrong and everyone else is the problem…. until NOW!

This awareness can come in a form of a health scare, marriage or relationship breakdown, loved ones diagnosed with terminal illness or grief for loss of someone. What ever form it comes it generally hits us like a sledge hammer and there is no forgetting it!

Life sometimes needs to hit us hard before we realise the need to change our behaviours. 

At this point we can acknowledge what we’ve become and accept we are not always right. We need to make it right with the people around us. This is what I call ‘showing up‘ to the situations we’ve created or got ourselves into. At the point of ‘showing up’ acceptance and admission is where change then begins. Without vulnerability we cannot have innovation, creativity or change.

To ‘show up‘ we need to clean up the mess we’ve caused and apologise and ask forgiveness if needed. Only once we’ve cleaned up our mess can we commit to a new direction moving forward. We then move into preparation stage. I’ll talk about this in my next Blog in 2 weeks. 

Stay with me!

Change Ladder



Success  Fulfillment
Warrior  Empowered
Action  Committed
Preparation  Productive
Awareness  Vulnerable
Procrastination   Indecisive/Self Talk
Depression /Melancholy Lonely/Anxiety

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Sandra Larkin

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