noun  ‘the action or process of preparing or being prepared for use or consideration’


Welcome back to my Stages of Change Series # 4 – Preparation.

In my last Blog we spoke about Awareness and this was about identifying what affect our behaviour is having on ourselves, our health, job and others around us. 

When we are aware of the consequences of our behaviours we move into preparation stage. We become productive researching and gathering as much information we can about our behaviour, what’s going on with us and how to fix it. We meet with close friends we feel safe to confide in and ask them questions, referrals, suggestions or success stories of other people going through the same things as we are.

This is often where we seek professionals in the industry that may be able to assist our changing the behaviour.

We become more productive gaining insight to how we can change our energy level starts to increase through inspiration and drive to be a better person. Our endorphin and serotonin levels increase with the glimmer of hope. This gives us increased energy to keep going and see the small light at the end of the tunnel.

This is where we become clear on a plan and our actions start to align with our true values moving forward. We become eager and reassess everything from our health, work and who is influencing our world. 
John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs on Fire says ‘you become the average of the five people you hang around with’

When we start thinking of a ‘new way of being‘ and setting a plan to change we start thinking about who influences our behaviour and what things in our environment triggers our behaviour. We often believe our behaviour is what ‘defines us’.

We start to consider people in our life that don’t serve our new purpose and support our new direction anymore. I know it sounds harsh, however, it will be the best thing you do for yourself.

If you want to be successful, start hanging around with successful people. Network and socialise with positive people that are on the same page as you. Their energy is contagious and will rub off on you.

At this stage we can’t get enough of learning, reading and listening to podcasts.

We get so excited about starting our plan that our energy can move in and out of highs and lows. When this happens we need to be focused on applying action and we need lots of support. We need to tell a friend what our plans are so they can keep us accountable to commencing and staying with it in these moments of doubt and fear.

Then my friends it’s up to applying ACTION!

We’ll talk about that in my next Blog!

Change Ladder



Success  Fulfillment
Warrior  Empowered
Action  Committed
Preparation  Productive
Awareness  Vulnerable
Procrastination   Indecisive/Self Talk
Depression /Melancholy Lonely/Anxiety


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