Welcome back to the sixth stage of the Change Series.  Here we’ve broken through the ceiling at Action stage that we tend to get stuck in. We’ve changed the neural-pathways in our brain and made it past 90 days of applying our new changed behaviours and habits. We don’t have to think about doing the new behaviours as they now come naturally. 

The Warrior stage is very exciting as we start to feel empowered and have an aura of presence and confidence. We possess a strength that others admire and notice when we walk into a room. Our performance at work starts to improve. Our relationships become more meaningful. We begin to detract friendships that don’t serve, align and encourage us. There is more time for ‘me‘ even though we’re more productive and getting more achieved than we’ve ever done before.

We become more intuitive and sensitive to other people’s energy and choose the energy we surround ourselves with. Our music and TV selection starts to change as we become more centered and positive. We spend more time reading and self-developing. We don’t enjoy being around sad, negative content any more. We own every moment and live more in the ‘NOW’.

This is also a stage where we start having fun because we can and don’t care what others think about us. We don’t follow what others expect of us anymore. It’s a very liberating stage as we explore and find so many interesting things about ourselves.

At Action stage we tend to be a little ‘too serious‘ because we have to! We’re applying new routines, ideas and concepts to how we’ve lived our days so it takes serious commitment to stay on track. However, at Warrior stage we can start to let go of so much seriousness and begin to include more fun in our new focused routine.

It takes continuing maintenance and accountability to stay here and make it to the next level of Success! This is where it’s important to find an accountability person. This person needs to be an honest and true friend. It could be a partner, friend, boss or mentor/coach that tells us when we’ve thrown our toys out of the cot and put them back in! Yup, we all do it no matter how much we’ve progressed up the ladder. We are human remember and will fall from time to time. I believe in Progression over Perfection. Striving for perfection sets us up for failure.

We have now become the true Warrior!

Change Ladder



Success  Fulfillment
Warrior  Empowered
Action  Committed
Preparation  Productive
Awareness  Vulnerable
Procrastination   Indecisive/Self Talk
Depression /Melancholy Lonely/Anxiety

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Sandra Larkin

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Sandra Larkin has worked in the service and sales sector of business for the past 38 years. Her experience spans across a broad spectrum of skill sets from providing excellent customer service, achieving high volume sales, organising professional development programs, establishing professional networks, building long-term relationships and securing high-level sponsorships.   Her tools and resources help give clients a practical strategy by following steps to discover their true potential and capability to achieve success.

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