Why do we question our decisions?

Do you look back at some decisions and think I had a feeling I shouldn’t have done that?

We’re all designed with an inbuilt GPS that guides us whether the decisions and choices we are about to make is a good one or not.  It isn’t about making the right or wrong decision and more about what is a good choice for where we’re at in that moment of our lives. Some of us refer to it as intuition, some call it an inner voice, an instinct or a knowing. Whatever we refer to it as, it is real, and we cannot explain where it comes from or what it is, but we just know when we learn to trust it, it never lets us down.

Some of us are not at the stage of being able to trust it, we are still trying to work it out.

Humans are funny things, we need to label everything otherwise it isn’t real or doesn’t exist. Animals just trust their instincts, and no one taught them what instincts are or how to deal with them.

Intuition – the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

In today’s world, we have become so accustomed to operating on a mechanical level with either too much analysing or no thinking at all as to why we do what we do that trusting an inner knowing with a major decision can be daunting to us. Yet if we stripped all material things away we would find we are left with only what is real and that is each other, feelings, emotions and instincts for survival. We wouldn’t question it at all, would we?

Nick Hall PhD and Author of Change your Beliefs Change your Life says, ‘Absence of evidence should not be construed as evidence of absence’

So, why don’t we trust our intuition more often when making decisions and choices?

When we’ve decided to get healthy and we light up that cigarette, have that one more drink too many, eat the piece of cake or we’ve decided to save for a deposit on a house and we go buy the dress we cannot afford. We simply ignore the little voice inside our heads saying this doesn’t align with the direction we are going right now.

I believe we have become so addicted to instant gratification we simply lose sight of the end goal and beat ourselves up after the fact for making the choice we made.

Let’s take some time to do something in stillness for at least 5-10 minutes a day in the morning before we head out the door and experience when we stop long enough to listen to what our inner voice is telling us. With regular practice and discipline, we will become more attuned to hearing our inner voice in the noisy times when we need the clarity for making choices that align with where we’re heading at that moment in life.

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