Does your brand reflect through all of the business?


Getting the brand right for your business is important and having this message continue throughout the rest of the business is essential.  However, your brand doesn’t finish with style guides, website design and logos, it continues through the business with your people.

Getting the people in your business to reflect your brand is called humanising your business. Zahrina Robertson, author of Magnetic Branding says ‘Humanising business is the key

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So, how do you get them showing up every day reflecting your brand?

Firstly, the business owner must be clear on the company’s mission, purpose and values as these make up your brand. 

Secondly, communicating to staff the message your brand represents is as important as the engagement of a professional creating the brand in the first place. 

Ask your staff what their values and purpose are in life and what drives them to come to work every day to your business. Do they align with the company’s work values, mission and purpose?

If not, then what are they doing there? It is important for both the employer and employee to work in an environment that aligns with each other’s values or they won’t be reflecting authenticity in what they do and how they deal with your clients.

This is a conversation I believe must happen at recruitment stage to ensure you are hiring people that align with your brand and vision. Employing someone is like going into a marriage, we spend more time with each other at work than a marriage and yet we don’t ask what their purpose and values are.

They must be clear on the company’s expectations of how they show up every day in relation to dress code, language, etiquette, manners, behaviours and attitude.

First impressions are everything and most times your client’s first interaction is with your staff whether it’s a phone call, greeting at front reception, delivering a parcel or handling a complaint.

For example, if your business brand is about diligent follow up and authentic communication, the interviewee needs to know early in the process so if they or you don’t feel they can meet these standards then the job is not a right fit for them.

It is a good qualification step in the recruitment process so you don’t waste your time and money on continually replacing staff.  Some businesses are too quick to hire in desperation for replacement, to find themselves recruiting again a few months later because they didn’t communicate the company’s brand clearly. This process is one that Founder and CEO of Entourage, Jack Delosa adopts in his recruitment process.

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Staff are your brand and the more we adopt this process more seriously and early on the better your business will perform.
‘Brand is what people say about you when you’re not there’ Tom Panos

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