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Let’s do this! I’ll guide you through making choices around building change in core areas of your life to empower success and fulfilment at home and at work.

Empowering Change Program

Do you feel you’re sitting at ‘mid’ level and not at your full potential?

Have you ever had a business plan that was never implemented?

Things on your list to tick off and just can’t get to them?

Does trying to sustain a high performance career and a healthy lifestyle come at a price for you?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I never have time 
  • I’m always so tired
  • I’m not good enough
  • I never finish stuff
  • I need more consistency
  • I want control over my negative thoughts
  • I can never say NO!

Most of these comments come from a place of not being empowered enough to create your own success.

By knowing what your values are, what your strategy is and making mindset shifts to initiate a change in your behaviours not only empowers you personally, but it creates success and manifests the life you want.

We often take action to make change and then plateau at a ceiling because it’s all too hard to break through to sustain long term change and success. We bounce from action back to procrastination like coming out of a six week gym challenge and going back to the way we always did it.

Having a mentor ask the right questions, guide us through a direction and provide accountability gives us the push we need to push past the ceiling, sustain long term behaviours and create success in all aspects of our lives.

Successful people who manage to stay successful implement good habits and behaviours in their personal life which reflects on their professional life.

These are the seven stages to making change in behaviours:



Success Fulfillment
Warrior Empowered
Action Committed
Preparation Productive
Awareness Vulnerable
Procrastination  Indecisive
Depression / Melancholy                                                Lonely 

Do you resonate with any of these stages?

Initiating change in behaviours will have you feeling fulfilled and empowered.

In this program you will find out what is holding you back, set achievable strategies, implement a direction and reap the rewards to your changes.

‘Implementing change is like building a house, you need to lay a strong foundation to handle the storms’

Client A: Was thinking of leaving her industry, wasn’t making sales targets, low self esteem and depressed. With implementing change of behaviours and mindsets by session 4 she started to see financial rewards as she achieved targets and sales. Her energy levels increased, quality of sleep improved and she established quality relationships. She started implementing changes in other areas of her life using the strategies she learned.

My clients have experienced clarity, healthier mindset, emotional agility, stamina, better quality relationships, increased work performance and financial rewards before finishing the first 90 days.

This program is for you if you want:

  • Help changing a behaviour
  • Better work life equilibrium
  • Improved health and energy
  • More confidence, focus and direction
  • Increased productivity levels/income
  • Change in mindset
  • Happiness and contentment
  • Purpose in life

What do you get?

  • 6 x sessions + 6 x accountability check in calls
  • Scheduled every 2 weeks or monthly
  • Uncapped access to me by phone and email (Monday – Friday during the program) for one on one and group mentoring clients
  • Full confidentiality assured
  • Successful outcomes

Program Delivery Options:

  • 1 + 1 Mentoring face to face or by Skype
  • Group Sessions by request (8 maximum)
  • In-Office Team Mentoring
  • Workshops

This program is about 4 things:

  • Guiding you
  • Supporting you
  • Providing accountability
  • Achieving your goals

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What people say about Sandra…

Sherrie Storor, McGrath Estate Agents

Building Professional Networks

Have you ever felt it’s a struggle building new business relationships?

You’re in a role that requires you to build networks and you love the job but hate what it requires you to do?

Well you’re not alone!

Most people dread walking into an event full of strangers to strike up a conversation with people they don’t know. The fear of rejection and acceptance looms over most of us no matter how confident we are.  If you have an amazing job and you just need to nail this aspect of your role then this program is for you.

Did you know, according to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from networking and according to ABC News 80% of jobs happen through networking.

So, my advice is the quicker you ‘Get Over It’ the more income you’re going to make because that’s where your income is coming from.

Mastering the skillset of building and nurturing professional relationships will earn you more income and referrals in your career for life. What is a referral worth to you? The answer is infinite.

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What people say about Sandra…

Josh Cobb - STEPPS

Personal Branding

Have you ever felt frustrated with your image and just don’t know how to change?

Maybe you don’t know what image and look is right for you.

You’d love someone to take control and suggest a new look for your personal or professional style?

Maybe help choosing an amazing outfit for a special occasion.

If these sound like you, then I would love to spend some fun time with you to create your new look and image for either a complete wardrobe, professional brand or special occasion.

Let’s go have some fun together!

I get asked by the clients I work with to help them with their image and brand. As I am passionate about empowering change on the inside it becomes complete to wear the change on the outside that reflects the new ‘you’.

This is not just about going shopping for what I think looks good on you!

If not already, I get to know you and your personal style preference, personality, character, lifestyle, work, likes, dislikes, budget and commitments that your personal and professional brand needs to meet.

Let’s Go Have Fun Service

2 hours Personal Shopping Experience 


  • Prerequisite phone consultation
  • Garment and shop research session
  • Stylist Re-con shop plan prior to appointment
  • 30 minute Cafe meet up day of appointment before ‘take off’
  • 90 minutes of shopping in a local shopping location of your choice*
  • Debrief cafe wind down on short-listed items
  • Report with photos and prices and shops to return for purchase
  • Lots of fun and giggles
  • Opportunity for you to let your hair down

Let’s Get Serious Service 

2 hours Wardrobe Audit


  • Prerequisite phone consultation
  • 30 minute garment photo session at your house
  • Research session
  • 90 minutes of cleaning out, sorting out and educating on what to pair up to create new outfits with what you already have
  • Debrief wind down on new items to purchase
  • Lots of letting go (yes it takes emotion to let go of stuff) fun and giggles
  • Opportunity for you to buy more new stuff

Let’s be Serious then Fun Service

4 hours Wardrobe Audit + Shopping Experience

Includes both Fun + Serious Services (not on the same day)


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