Hi there!

A little about me and what I do…

I started this journey at 27 with one special book I read that changed my thinking completely and this journey hasn’t stopped since. You see we all live a life that others want us to live and expect to be. At 27 this all changed for me.

I was served a life with lots of responsibilities at a young age from being a mother, business woman, nurse to a parent with terminal illness and a wife.

In 35 years I’ve successfully operated two businesses, managed large teams and nurtured high end profiles that took me to live and work overseas.  The last two decades I devoted my skills to the real estate industry.

My experience spans across a broad spectrum of skill sets from providing excellent customer service, achieving high volume sales, organising professional development programs, establishing professional networks, building long-term relationships and securing high-level sponsorships.

In all my working years I’ve been on a ‘rat wheel’ at high speed for far too long and functioning with high levels of stress became a normal way of life to me, until one day it caused health issues.

Whilst I’ve always treasured many inspirational and memorable experiences in my life, I acknowledge I missed smelling the roses too many times and something needed to change.

I chose to invest in myself, sort out some ‘inner’ stuff, some ‘outer’ stuff and get my health back on track. How I did that is by changing my lifestyle in a wholistic way, not only did I reverse the direction of where my health was heading without prescriptive drugs but I gained confidence, perspective, vision, purpose and I increased my productivity levels and doubled my income as a result.

I realised how important this awakening was to me and the impact it had on my life and I want others to have it also. I finally found my ‘why’ and purpose in life!

My ‘why’ is to see people transform.

My ‘how’ is to awaken and guide people to make positive change in their lives.

I am a Mentor and Choice Consultant, helping people make choices to live a life with purpose, fulfillment and freedom.

So, what exactly do I do?

I get to work with amazing people every day and help them transform their lives. I consult, mentor, inspire and dare others to make different choices in their lifestyle and show them how to build resilience and coping mechanisms in a stressful world.

They get to experience life with purpose, vision, clarity, confidence, increased performance and self-worth.

My programs and sessions solve a diverse range of issues we all struggle with every day in our personal and professional lives. I believe you can attend all the professional courses and read all the books you like; however, you won’t experience success in your personal or professional life until you deal with your stories, set strong foundations in 4 core areas of your life and set achievable strategies for sustainable long term change.

Come with me!

Sandra x

You can do this.

sandralarkin.com.au is where professionals get practical tools and resources to help them live a successful life with purpose, fulfilment and freedom.

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