Sandra: So Katie, rapid fire question time.
Katie: Excellent. Let’s go.
Sandra: Favourite book?
Katie: History books.
Sandra: Favourite movie?
Katie: Documentaries.
Sandra: Your pet hate?
Katie: Hate.
Sandra: Treasured moment?
Katie: Time with family and loved ones.
Sandra: Who’s your favourite person?
Katie: John Lennon. Peace activist, John Lennon.
Sandra: What’s your favourite hobby?
Katie: Rock concerts.
Sandra: Do you drink alcohol through the week?
Katie: No, I don’t drink alcohol.
Sandra: Okay, so what do you drink instead of alcohol?
Katie: Chocolate milk.
Sandra: What exercise do you do?
Katie: I have an on line personal trainer.
Sandra: Are you a spiritual person?
Katie: We’re all spiritual people, yes.
Sandra: Favourite food?
Katie: Chocolate.
Sandra: Favourite country to visit?
Katie: I’ll take city, Los Angeles. My daughter lives there.
Sandra: Ahh. Do you have a favourite quote?
Katie: There is a power in you, but not of you, that can do for you, what you can’t do for yourself.
Sandra: I love that one. And what’s your favourite dream?
Katie: My favourite dream is … Can I say that’s a secret?
Sandra: Okay. And do you meditate?
Katie: I pray.
Sandra: Beautiful!

Sandra Larkin

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