Sandra: … you’ll be good at this.
Liza: I will be.
Sandra: Liza, rapid fire questions time. Just answer real quickly what comes to the top of your head. Favourite book?
Liza: To Kill A Mockingbird.
Sandra: Best movie you’ve seen this year?
Liza: Beaches.
Sandra: Your pet hate?
Liza: People give me advice when I haven’t asked them for it.
Sandra: A treasured moment in your life?
Liza: Spending time with my grandchildren in the snow for the very first time.
Sandra: Beautiful. What time do you get up in the morning?
Liza: ‘Round 6:30, seven o’clock.
Sandra: Time do you go to bed?
Liza: 9:00, 9:30.
Sandra: Do you drink alcohol through the week?
Liza: I do.
Sandra: What’s your favourite drink?
Liza: Champagne.
Sandra: Lovely. What exercise do you do?
Liza: At the moment I’ve been very remiss, but I’m about to go back to the gym, and have a personal trainer again.
Sandra: Are you a spiritual person?
Liza: I would say i am.
Sandra: Yeah.
Liza: Yes.
Sandra: Favourite food?
Liza: Salmon.
Sandra: Favourite country to visit?
Liza: England. London.
Sandra: Do you have a favourite quote?
Liza: Not really. Can’t think of one. Not on the tip of my tongue at the moment.
Sandra: If you had to come back as an animal, what would it be?
Liza: A dog.
Sandra: Why a dog?
Liza: They have a pretty good life, don’t they?
Sandra: Do you meditate?
Liza: Not really in the formal sense, but my morning ritual’s very much a form of my personal meditation.
Sandra: Great. Thanks Liza.
Liza: That’s okay.

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