Sandra: Okay Sherrie, you know how this works. We’re going to shoot 15 questions and you’ve got three seconds to answer. What’s your favourite book?
Sherrie Storor: My favourite book? Wolf of Wall Street.
Sandra: Beautiful. Best movie you’ve seen this year?
Sherrie Storor: I just recently re-watched Slum Dog Millionaire. That was a pretty good one.
Sandra: Your pet hate?
Sherrie Storor: Pet hate? Late people.
Sandra: A treasured moment?
Sherrie Storor: Every morning waking up with my partner.
Sandra: Beautiful. What time do you get up in the morning?
Sherrie Storor: In between 5 and 6.
Sandra: What time do you go to bed?
Sherrie Storor: Anywhere between 8:30 and 11:30?
Sandra: Do you drink alcohol through the week?
Sherrie Storor: No. I’m on a 12 month ban. No alcohol for me.
Sandra: What’s your favourite drink when you do drink?
Sherrie Storor: I love a glass of white wine. Chardonnay is my favourite.
Sandra: Beautiful. What exercise do you do, Sherrie?
Sherrie Storor: At the moment not as much as usual but normally I river walk, yoga, Lagree, anything I can possibly do to be outdoors.
Sandra: Beautiful. Are you a spiritual person?
Sherrie Storor: Yeah.
Sandra: What do you do for spiritualty?
Sherrie Storor: I guess I don’t go to church or I wouldn’t say that I’m religious but I do believe in giving yourself and getting energy from others, so from my point of view that’s my idea of spiritualism.
Sandra: Beautiful. Favourite food?
Sherrie Storor: Oh God, that’s a tough one. Everything.
Sandra: Welcome to my world. Favourite country to visit?
Sherrie Storor: Well there’s so many, I mean, just picking one is tough. I think it’s more about the experiences you have in that country with the people that you’re with, so at each country and each journey is really a different experience so I wouldn’t say that I would have one, but you just take moments, even if they’re horror holidays, generally there’s one or two fabulous moments in there.
Sandra: Okay, so what has been an amazing experience in a holiday recently?
Sherrie Storor: Well I think even just locally going on a camping trip to [Nursa 00:01:46] was really fun and camping for the first time on Nursa Beach and actually driving in the four wheel drive, I thought that was really fun and cool. I had never done that before but just heading over to New York and meeting my partner in New York was really fun and a really treasured moment, meeting each other in Times Square. That was pretty special.
Sandra: Beautiful. Do you have a favourite quote?
Sherrie Storor: Not one in particular. I think I get my inspiration from a lot of quotes actually, but one in particular that does stand out in this moment is Wayne Bennett’s quote, so he’s the coach obviously of the Broncos and he just talks about how there’s not a lot of traffic on the extra mile and you should go for it.
Sandra: Beautiful. If you had to come back as an animal, what would it be?
Sherrie Storor: A cat.
Sandra: Why?
Sherrie Storor: Because I love my cat Piggy. She’s got the best life. She looks at this gorgeous view all day every day, chats to birds, chills out, has a good time.
Sandra: Beautiful. Do you meditate?
Sherrie Storor: Yes and no.
Sandra: Beautiful.

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