Liza McKilliam: Ready? Hi. I’m Liza McKilliam from RE/MAX Profile. I’ve been in the industry for over 17 years now. I’ve been having a horrible, horrible year. Financially, that is. But what I didn’t realise is that what happens in your personal life and what happens in your business life are actually two of the same thing.
Liza McKilliam: So one of the reasons I started mentoring was to actually go, “Something’s got to change.” I also know that when I have mentor, I actually preform at a much higher level. That’s what I was looking for. Since my mentoring with Sandra, some of my achievements have been, the personal one is actually putting my morning ritual back into my life. As I said a little bit earlier, it really does set up my day. The other thing I started doing again is listening to CDs in my car. So Sandra has introduced me to so many more people that I didn’t even know about. Marianne Williamson being one of them. Those things have changed my life dramatically.
Liza McKilliam: Both from a personal and professional. So professionally, my business is back on track. Then the evening routine helps you to get refreshed so you start the next day again having had a really great sleep.
Liza McKilliam: My experience with engaging Sandra as a mentor has actually made me realise that my personal life and business life are very, very connected. I couldn’t improve one without improving the other. I couldn’t have the wrong attitude in one without having the wrong attitude in the other. And Sandra actually really has brought that back to make me understand, that’s how I have to do or how I have to be the best person I can possibly be.
Liza McKilliam: The idea is to achieve Chairman’s Club, which I will achieve that award but the idea for the following year 2018, is actually to go above that, much higher, become the best we can be.
Liza McKilliam: If you’re thinking of doing any mentoring with Sandra, I think I would recommend her in every way. Sandra will open your eyes to the fact that your work life and your personal life are connected by your attitude. It’s your mindset, it’s your habits, your behaviours, and it’s your responsibility to show up and be there at any one moment. Sandra will help you achieve that.
Liza McKilliam: Will I be continuing my mentoring in 2018? Yes.

Sandra Larkin

Author Sandra Larkin

Sandra Larkin has worked in the service and sales sector of business for the past 38 years. Her experience spans across a broad spectrum of skill sets from providing excellent customer service, achieving high volume sales, organising professional development programs, establishing professional networks, building long-term relationships and securing high-level sponsorships.   Her tools and resources help give clients a practical strategy by following steps to discover their true potential and capability to achieve success.

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